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in Sales Awards

It was an evening we will never forget, four amazingly powerful women were crowned with a Women in Sales Award. Scroll down to see who won!

Winners 2018
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the Women in Sales Awards

Ladies and gentlemen,

Over the past 8 years Women in Sales has worked very hard for female sales professionals. Many modern companies strive towards more diversity in their workforce and Women in Sales helps with this. We are convinced that women are extremely talented when it comes to sales. It is of utmost importance to us that this is recognized. Besides this, it is even more important to us that women in the sales profession receive the recognition they deserve.

For this reason, we proudly present the Women in Sales Awards!

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By emphasizing and highlighting the importance of diversity, we want to contribute to a qualitatively better sales world and more diversity in the workplace

Elles van Teylingen, founder of Women in Sales